A couple of quick ones….

A couple of weeks ago I had short windows of time, so put on two quilts that were quick to quilt…

The 1st is for my sister-in-law Janet Kerr. She picked up the pattern for this on an Alaskan Cruise last summer. When she had the top finished she asked how she should quilt it and as I was explaining she got this glazed over look, so I offered to do it for her. Now interestingly enough Janet is a dement that she is not a quilter! Yeah, whatever you say Janet…..


In the border I did a simple swirl….


The background I imitated the fabric….


I added some bubbles next to the whales….


Janet was very pleased, and I was glad I finally got it done for her, I think I had it 6 months. Sometimes it is not such a good thing to be family of a longarmer – it means you wait quite awhile sometimes…..

The second quilt was one of mine, a lap quilt called “Hay Bales,” by Laundry Basket Quilts….


I decided on one of my favourites, swirlz. Janet was there when I was choosing and she thought swirls looked like the side of round hay bales. I think she’s right…..


And the back….


Going to get the binding on it thus evening, so I had better sigh off!

By the way, did I ever mention I LOVE what I do?


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