To have me quilt your next quilt:

In the Camrose Area
Please phone to make an appointment for a free consult and to get your name on the waitlist.

My phone number is 780-679-5469.

From Further Away
Please fill out the form below!

7 responses to “Booking

  1. I just completed a Quiltworx Glacier Star with the queen size extensions, it is 90 x 90. I love your custom quilting and that is what I would want for my quilt. I will send a picture as soon as I take one.
    Thank you,
    Vicki Zook
    Rochester, MN

      • Hi,
        Just thought I would see where I am on your list, am I getting closer to the top?
        Thank you,

      • Hi Vicki. Sorry it took a few days to respond. I have not been to work for a couple of days so could not look at my list. You are number 301 and I am currently quilting number 250. It is hard to pin point exactly when that will be, but it will not be before Christmas. We are moving our store to a new location right after Christmas, so I would not want to be responsible for your quilt during the move. I will contact you in plenty of time to get your quilt shipped to the new store!

    • Hi, I was just wondering if I was getting anywhere near the top of your list for having my glacier star quilted? Thank you!

      • Actually I was looking at my list today and thought it was soon time to contact you. If you send me the dimensions of your quilt and a photograph, I will get a contract out to you and then we can get it in the mail. Send the above to


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