My name is Ardelle, and I am a long arm quilter from Camrose, Alberta. This is my blog, where I share pictures, reflection, and insight about the quilts that I work on.

I have been sewing since I was seven years old, and started quilting and free motion quilting in 1997. My love of sewing lead me to take a Bachelor of Education with a Home Economics Major, from which I graduated in 1985. I began teaching quilting in 1997, and opened Quilting From The Heart with my husband Roger in 2000. I started longarm quilting in June 2009.

Besides quilting, I am also the mother of 3 fabulous young women, and enjoy skiing and pottery.

I quilt freehand on a APQS Millennium.  At this point I do not have a computer on my machine.  I love working freehand!  I get to draw on beautiful quilts all day long!  Years ago I was inspired by my grade 5&6 teacher, Mrs. Benfield, who was an amateur artist.  I set up a “studio” in my parents basement and tried really hard, but just did not produce anything worthwhile, but I sure had the desire.  Fast forward 35ish years, and a lot of things in between and here I am drawing with this awesome machine with a 26″ throat, that is mounted on a 14′ long table — this is a serious machine!

In addition to loving freehand work, I also enjoy helping my customers plan how their quilt will be quilted. I love the consultation process, where I ask as series of questions to help me figure out the best quilting plan that will suit the quilt, it’s maker and the intended purpose.  I have several aids to help the customer see what the quilting might look like on her/his quilt, which makes it easier to decide what design to choose.

8 responses to “About

  1. I just discovered your blog last night via a Pinterest post and have been reading through each of your posts. I’m down to Apr 2105 and have to tear myself away and try to get some errands done. I free-motion quilt on a HQ Sweet 16 (sit-down) and am a Judy Niemeyer junkie. I have six JN quilts made and only one is (partially) quilted. Because so much time, money and love and gone into making each of them, I’m petrified of not doing justice to them with my quilting. You have given me so many ideas and a way to move forward with them. Thank you so much for the inspiration–your quilting is amazing! I have been looking on the site for a way to follow your blog (preferably through email) and can’t find a sign-up place. Is there a way to sign up so that I receive them?

  2. Hello. I am looking for that The Butterfly pattern only and not the quilt kit. How can I obtain? Thank you.

  3. I am in need of a digital quilting pattern for the cattails in the meadow pattern. Do you sell any such patterns? Thanks, Shirley

  4. Hello,
    I have been reading your post on floating a quilt top in order to be able to start from the center. I don’t understand what to do when I have pinned down to the bottom of the quilt. Your instructions say to roll it back up to the center….does that mean that I roll the bottom (backing fabric bar) the other direction, and go back up towards the center?

    I want to start whole cloth quilting, but I have never had anyone tell me I could start in the center on the long arm. I’m so glad you wrote about this. I hope you have a minute to respond. Thank you!!

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