Last week I quilted this gorgeous log cabin for Marilyn Murray. The fabric is from Northcott and is so elegant!


Marilyn choose to use both cotton and wool batting. I love how this combination looks! The wool gives loft and the cotton adds stability.

Marilyn wanted feathers following the diagonal setting. We decided to quilt with cream thread in the light area and black thread in the darker strips.



I did a little feathered wreath in the star centres, and left the star poits with just stitch in the ditch, with the double batting, this allowed the points to puff up…


In the inner border I stitched a feather border where the feathers alternate from one side of the spine to the other. 1st time I tried this and really liked it….


In the outer border we decided feathers would detract from the floral fabric so I stitched this straight line pattern, which seems to frame the quilt very nicely…


Just a quick shot of the back….


Marilyn was very pleased, which is always my goal!

Did I ever mention I love what I do?! 🙂


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