I offer several different kinds of quilting, which are described below. All of my quilting is done on a APQS Millennium quilting machine with an automatic stitch regulator and a 14-foot table.

I take pride in workmanship, tackling only the quilts I knows I can do well. I believe that the quilt I am working on is the most important quilt in the world.  Be reassured that your quilt will be handled with gentle loving care of a fellow quilter.

Types of Quilting I Offer:

There are multiple designs for each type of quilting I describe below. The prices listed are for the most simple designs.

Edge to Edge
A single, hand-guided, pantograph design quilted over the entire top.
Starts at $0.02/square inch.

Overall, free-form quilting over the entire top.
Starts at $0.02/square inch.

Free-hand quilting in a uniform pattern over the entire top.
Starts at $0.02/square inch.

Free-hand quilting around appliqué work or around printed designs in the fabric.
Starts at $0.04/square inch.

A combination of pantograph designs, block insets from templates, channel quilting, and a variety of free-hand quilting, including but not limited to outlining, meandering, stitching in the seams, and echo quilting around figures and appliqués.
$0.04 – $0.08/square inch.

Patterns such as small background grids or meandering, intricate feather designs, wreaths, trapunto, dense free-hand designs, or wholecloth designs requiring the quilt be hand-marked. Heirloom quilting is generally intricate, heavy quilting designs that are very labor intensive.
Starts at $0.08/square inch


2 responses to “Services

  1. I just saw on Facebook that you quilted the Dragon Star Digitally and I am wanting to know how much for you to quilt my Dragon Star?

    • Kimmi,
      Sorry I missed this for a few days. Actually it was posted in error, I do not do digital quilting. I do not even have a computer system on my longarm. I do everything freehand and am very proud of that! My quilting is always a little different or unique on each quilt.

      However, I would be thrilled to freehand your quilt for you, should you choose me!

      I would charge $375 to quilt that quilt plus a thread charge of $2.50/bobbin used. Backing and batting not included it this price.

      Call me if you wish: 1-877-679-5492 (toll-free no.)

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