Vortex Revealed!

I found out today that my Vortex quilt was accept to QuiltCon 2018! QuiltCon is a large quilt show presented by The Modern Quilt Guild (MQG)Organization, and will be held in Pasadena in February. I am pretty excited! And I was already Registered to attend the conference somI get to see it in person….

I was wanting to blog about this quilt till I heard from MQG. I really thought it would be a QuiltCon reject post….😜

Anyways , here it is…..<<
tarted this quilt at QuiltCon 2017 in a class taught by Victoria Findlay Wolfe!<<
was a class on improve, but with structure! And I loved the class! I finished piecing the quilt at a retreat I was at in March. And I Quilted it this fall. It was on my frame for here weeks, and I worked at it pretty steady during those three weeks….

Here are a few close ups I took while quilting it….

< img src=”https://rosecityquilter.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/final-213.jpg&#8221; class=”size-full wp-image-3278″ height=”1000″ width=”750″><<
ad so much fun coming up with different ways to quilt the same shapes! Too much fun!!! 😍😍😍


3 responses to “Vortex Revealed!

    • No I ditch the area I can reach in one pass. Then I quilt that area. Then I advance and ditch the next pass, etc. I do not like to,ditch the whole quilt first because as it rolls up with only ditching it gets wrinkles in the top…..

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