Lisa’s Quilt Depicting the North

I finished quilting this quilt for Lisa Hildebrandt today! Lisa designed and made this quilt to remember her time in the high Arctic! It was her first quilt! She did amazing! Apparently it was made some time ago…..

The polar bear is a plush fabric!

My first idea was to quilt northern lights in the top border! I love how they turned out! It is my favourite part!

I really like Quilting Quilts like this one! It is fun to research and come up with ideas that suit the quilt. One of my ideas for this one was Inuit words in the borders. So I asked Lisa for help. She sent me a list of words. It was a great list, more than I had room for! Her is what she sent:

Thank you so much for suggesting quilting words on my quilt. I love the idea. I lived in the high Arctic for several years, but I have lost so much of the language. However, I do remember a few Inuinnaqtun words. I also phoned a friend to help me with other words I could not remember. I would love Inuinnaqtun words incorporated into the quilt. Below are some English words translated into Inuinnaqtun…




Makes a fishing hole – AGLUALIUQTUK

Whale/Wolf – AARLUK

Aurora Borealis  – AQHALINGIQ

Winter Has Arrived – UKIUQ


Jigs For Fish – AULATTIJUQ


Thanks – QUANA

Char (fish) – HINMIUTAQ

White Man – KABLUNAK

Ocean Swell – TAGJAAQ

I hope this helps with your enthused inspiration.



It was hard to get good photos, but her is a couple. The second photo is from the back….

I also quilted in an Inuit inspired moon….

All the blue squares have a snowflake….

The center panel was fun. I incorporated a sun in the yellow corner and faded to a more traditional quilting design in the other corner of the ingenious sunset piecing!

Here are a few more details….

The back was Minkee.

That’s it! Another fun quilt! I am so blessed to get so many great quilts to work on! I just love what I do!

4 responses to “Lisa’s Quilt Depicting the North

  1. Ardelle, I am absolutely in love with the way you artistically quilted my quilt. You are a genius! Thank you so much. You are truly gifted. Cheers!

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