Roger’s Diamond Wedding Star Quilt

Roger, my husband and my biggest supporter made this Diamond Wedding Star Quilt, from a Quiltworx (Judy Niemeyer) pattern. It was on my quilt frame for 13 working days. Now mind you I taught some and had a number of other commitments in that time, but it was a labour of love, with lots of hours…..

When Roger was making this quilt he talked about putting a border on it. Then I had the idea of quilting a border into it! After a little thought I decided to use the trainable shape of the feather part as my inspiration. I decided to leave gaps between and bring my fill up into those gaps. Then my daughter Kathleen (Kathleen Quilts on social media) suggested feathers that came up over the border, an over under effect!!! We both love it!

In the center of the quilt, when I was playing with a photo on the app You Doodle, I discovered large triangle shapes….

I stitched the first of these out onto the quilt, and was planning to fill the triangle with a fill. Then it hit me, what if….I filled the triangle with triangles!

Sometimes I get these ideas but have no idea how to do the math to make it right, so I called Roger, my hubby and a former math teacher! Together we figured out how to proceed! I love he results! One picture has a quarter on it so you can see the scale. I took this after a friend commented that she thought these triangles were much larger…..

A few more photos….

And the back….

After I finished binding Roger’s Quilt, it was sitting in our classroom. We have a Pilates class Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the store. I came into the classroom just before the Pilates class and some of them were looking at it! 😍

And latter that day I came into the longarm room and Roger was showing it off to some other ladies who had brought a quilt in for quilting. Eileen’s jaw just about hit the floor. By the time I got my camera she was over that awe moment, and Loree was exaggerating, but here is my picture….

Makes all that work worth it to see those reactions! πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜‡πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ Lucky me to be able to do what I love….

That’s it for today….


8 responses to “Roger’s Diamond Wedding Star Quilt

  1. This is the most amazing beautiful quilt. I absolutely love it. You should enter it in shows so more people can see it.

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