Dixie’s Bali Wedding Star Quilt

Yesterday I finished quilting this Bali Wedding Star Quilt for Dixie Fisher. Pattern is by Quiltworx (Judy Niemeyer).

Dixie started her quilt 5 years ago when we had Judy up to teach a workshop for us. Dixie has had lots going on in her life, but did not give up, and now it is done, and done well! Her piecing was perfect!

This quilt was a kit at our store, so I have quilted several in the same fabrics. I love the dark background but it is a challenge to quilt in a way that the quilting shows. This time I used straight lines and I like it the best of all the things I have tried!

Here are more pictures….

And the back….

Dixie picked it up this morning.

I think she liked it! 😍 Makes me love what I do even more…..😂

And now I get to quilt another beautiful quilt!!! I am so blessed…..


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