Anna Pilcher’s Mariner’s Compass!

I recently quilted a Mariner’s Compass quilt for Anna Pilcher.  Pattern by Quiltworx (Judy Niemeyer).

I am not the best photographer….πŸ™ˆThe colour of the photo is very off….

My daughter, Kathleen (Kathleen Quilts) told me when I was almost finished that Mariner’s Compass is a hard quilt to know how to quilt. She said it in the context of liking what I had done with it. I was surprised she said that as this is the third one I have quilted and I had so many ideas! 

The biggest empty space on this quilt is in the corners.  In this area, I quilted a Mariner’s Compass motif…..

After that I went with a water theme, quilting designs that remind me of water….swirls,bubbles and waves…..

That’s it!  I got this e-mail from Anna when she received her quilt back.  It makes me smile! πŸ˜„πŸ˜

So now, it’s off to work I go, singing the song from Disney’s Snow White!  Trouble is, it does not feel much like work!😜


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