Holidays and a Change of Attitude……

Hello!  It has been awhile!  Life has been far to crazy this spring!  From April 12 to June 10, I slept in my own bed only 14 nights. Don’t get me wrong, everything I did was awesome, it was just too much all lumped together!  I guess I am more of a home body than I realized…..

I will fill you in on where I have been, but first let me say I am getting back to the subject of quilting in this blog, so if you don’t care about my adventures, skip ahead to the subtitle in bold print….

I was on a trip of a life time with four of my girlfriends to South Africa for three weeks!  One of my friends was originally from South Africa, and showed us her beautiful country!  We Safaried in Saudi Sands and Kruger National park, we played on the beach at Jefferys Bay, we explored the Garden Path, and we spent time in Cape Town.  We met our friend’s family in Cape Town.  We ate fabulous food, we walked and we shopped…….and it was all amazing.  Here are just a few of my favourite pictures….

I could post a lot more, but I will stop here.

I was home only for a few days and we left for Quilt Market in St. Louis.  I hosted a retreat only days after returning from Market.  Then in a mater of days we were off to Montana for a week at Quiltworx for Certified Judah Niemeyer Shop Owners Retreat, and more learning with Judy.  All these events were very very good, and I got a lot,out of them.  But I was  also really glad to reach home when they were over.  I actually wept when I got into our house…..

Back to he subject of quilting….

I have quilted two quilts since returning.  I will blog about those soon. 

My daughter Kathleen (known online as Kathleen Quilts) and I were able to attend a truck show with Angela Walters at Sparrow Quilting Company (about one hour away from us) a week ago.  We both are big Angela supporters.  We have both taken every class she offers at a variety of shows we have been at.  She is always entertaining and we could not miss seeing her when she was so close to home….

Angela said something in her talk that got my brain turning…..I cannot remember exactly what she said, but where my mind went was kinda like a wake up call….

I have been trying too hard…..

Trying to be noticed….

Trying to be a Quilter extraordinar…. 

And in the process of trying too hard, I lost my joy, and I stopped dancing with my machine….

In the process of trying too hard I got in over my head with a customer….

In the process I lost my confidence….

So thank you Angela!  For reminding me to be true to me! For reminding me to quilt for my own joy…..

So, guess what?  I was dancing with my machine again this week!!!💃💃💃💃

You might not notice the change in me, but I do!

Back again, and truely loving what I do….


4 responses to “Holidays and a Change of Attitude……

  1. Glad you had a great holiday but LOVE the take-away you got from Angela, I was sorry to have not been able to go. I had a similar “moment” when I read Krista Wither’s blog about leaving quilting. My take away was that I quilt for my own enjoyment, not IG likes or for anyone else, so if I only quilt my own quilts – I’ll still quilt and be happy doing it. Anyway, so happy that you’re back and happy too 🙂

  2. Thank you Ardelle for sharing your story (and your time and talent) with us. You are appreciated, so much. From the pictures you have posted, it looks like an awesome trip you were on with your friends. From your words, I get the message that we need to be true to ourselves and not get lost in what is overwhelming. Sometimes we don’t realize it’s even happening…Can’t wait for your next post and, Welcome Home!

  3. I totally understand ..I am taking the summer off from my longarm and doing what I want to do First time since 2009🤓

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