Colleen’s Canadian Flag Quilt

This was another fun quilt to work on!  Pieced by Colleen Greer.  

For my international followers information, Canada is celebrating it’s 150 anniversary this year! Colleen, made this quilt with that in mind.

I purchased a Maple Leaf template from Quilters Rule at least five years ago, because I just knew some day I would need it.  Well, I finally took the packaging off  for this quilt! 😜

I used it in the red side panels and in the maple leaf part.  I love the effect!

I really had fun playing with texture in the white areas!  

In case you missed he connection, those are “Canadian Flying Geese!”

And lastly a picture of the back….

That’s it!  Last customer quilt before I break for a holiday with my girlfriends!  Working on a small quilt of my husbands till I go in 6 sleeps!  


4 responses to “Colleen’s Canadian Flag Quilt

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