Why I Love Attending Quilting Conferences/Shows/Festivals etc…..

It’s Tuesday…oops, no it’s Thursday….better late than never for my tip?….

It is a little different sort of tip, so why not a different day?!!!

As some of you know I returned on Monday from QuiltCon in Savannah, Georgia! My daughter Kathleen and my friend Susan and I had an amazing week!

I love attending large Quilting Conferences (festivals, shows, whatever you want to call this type of event)!!!!!!!!!!!! And there are so many reasons! 
1. I love seeing quilts of amazing caliber and being inspired by them….

Here are some of my favourites!  

2. I love meeting new people and being inspired by them!

Like meeting Carolyn Murfitt (Free Bird Quilting Designs)!  I had chatted with Carolyn on social media lots, but meeting her in person and getting to know her was a highlight of my trip.

And meeting Amanda, a friend of our friend Nicki! We were in a class together the same day we met and shared a machine.  It was fun getting to know her!

I met so many others, but have no pictures and forget names of many, but some include Dottie, Kathryn, Kat, Christine, Susan, Linda, Samantha, Doris….The point is each one enriched the experience!

3. I love reconnecting with friends from previous events!  

I was not good at taking pictures, but I was so happy to see a number of people I had met at other events.  Nicki, Anne, Philipia, Cheryl, Stephanie, and I am sure I missed someone….,

It is so good to renew past connections!

4. I love taking classes!

I have talked about this before!  I blogged a few years ago about Something Valuable to Offer, talking about why I take classes.  I hope I never run out of classes to take, they inspire me and always take me to a new level!  I love taking what I learn and spinning it into something a little different, a little more my own!  When I wrote that blog I had taken 22 longarm classes.  I now have taken 27 longarm classes!

This year I got to take two classes from Natalia Bonner!  I have wanted to take classes from her for a long time!  

I learned about some cool Straight Line designs and some new fills! Natalia is a sweetie, and a great teacher!

I took two classes from Pamela Wiley!  Pamela is a retired Fiber Art Professor from the Savannah Scool of Art and has also taught in New York and France! Her ideas about line and how light interacts with line have my mind whirling!!! I expect what I learned from Pamela to influence my work a lot!

I am looking at line wherever I go now.  This piece of brick work caught my eye today.  Who knows how I will use this, but I am planning to grab a pencil and play with it….
I also got to take a piecing class from Victoria Finley Wolf!  I learned so much, but especially loved the stuff about planning! 

5. I love seeing other parts of the world!  

Savannah is a beautiful city!  So much history!  Some parts so old!  One of few cities in the US not destroyed during the civil war.  I did not have as much time to explore as I would have liked, but I did do a walking tour of old Savannah and a tour of a historic mansion!

The Union Army camped in this cemetery durning the civil war and destroyed these headstones for the fun of it….guess vandalism is nothing new!

Toured this mansion!  It was amazing, but we could not take pictures inside.  
So now I am home again.  Took a couple of days to get over travel this time, not sure why I felt so crummy, but I am better now.  I am inspired and excited to try some new things, I feel richer for the new friends I met and I am so inspired by the quilts!

So now to the punch line…if you have not been to a major quilting convention/show/festival I challenge you to go! You will not regret it…..


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