Triangle Texture Border

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip.  Sorry I was MIA last week….

Today I am going to show you how I stitched out this border on one of my quilts!  I love texture!  And this border gives texture…

It is a simple border to make, though there is a lot of stitching.  Here is how I did it….

1. First I need to figure out how many triangles to make and mark them.  I used the good old adding machine tape trick!  First I pinned the adding machine tape to the edge of the corner I wanted to start the pattern on.  Then I pinned the adding machine to the opposite corner and cut it off square with that corner.

2. Now I folded up the tape, starting by folding it in half, folding it in half again, and continuing till it seemed to be the right size.  This gives me an even number which is important.

3. Now I carefully pinned it just above the edge of the pieced border.

4. Now I marked a mark right on the edge of the pieced border at every fold mark in the paper. I am using my favourite pen, a water soluable marker from Heirloom. 

5. Now I need to mark the opposite side of the border.  I measured the distance between marks on the first side, in this case 4″.  Half of that is 2″, so I need to mark the other side 2″ from each mark of the first side.  I lined up a ruler level with the pieced border and lined up the 2″ mark on the previous marking. I marked each segment like this all the way across the border.

I have a hard time seeing at the top edge where 1/4″ away from the edge would be.  I do not want the triangle point to be cut off with the binding!  So I also marked 1/4″ in from the edge.

6. Now I stitched a zig zag line from one mark to thee next….

7. Next I filled the triangles next to the pieced border, with 1/4″ spaced lines parallel to the left side of the triangle. I was able to stitch continuously across from one triangle to the next.

8. Now I stitched back filling the outside row of triangles, again with 1/4″ spaced lines this time parallel to the right edge of the triangles. This makes lines going a different direction than thenfirst row of triangles and gives an amazing texture!

I used the same idea but in a much smaller scale in the circle I am quilting around the dragonfly!

I am working on the border  corners now, stay tuned!

As an aside, I am flying off to Savanna Georgia this am, on my way to QuiltCon!  So excited!


9 responses to “Triangle Texture Border

  1. Thank you, I like this so I will have to try it out. Maybe a dumb question but how or what did you use to measure the curved line?

  2. I can’t believe how many hours I’ve spent in the past trying to work out fractions of an inch to divide a border equally when there was such a simple way to do it. Many thanks for saving my sanity!

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