Triangle Grid with Nummy Ribbon Candy Fill!

It’s Tuesday! Time for another Tuesday Tip!  Amazing how fast another Tuesday rolls along…

Today I am going to show you how I marked and stitched this triangle grid with a ribbon cany fill!  Nummy…..

I used a triangle stencil from Cindy Needham’s Ultimate Stencil Collection. Here is what I did…

1. I used my Pounce marking pad to rub Mirical Chalk (disappears with a stream iron) over the stencil.  Have a look at my recent blog How to Position a Stencil for more information.

2. I stitched the horizontal lines first.

3. Then I stitched the diagonal lines traveling along the edge of the area to get between rows.

4. Next is the fill.  I thought about using pebbles, but they are time consuming and I was already spending more time that I should have for the price I quoted her, and you know what I say…time is money! I was using ribbon candy in other spots, so I used ribbon candy here and loved the effect!

Triangles grids are really easy to figure out what to fill and what not to fill.  I choose to fill all triangles with the point facing up.  Almost a no thinking involved! I started at the top point of a triangle.  

From the fop of the triangle I stitched ribbon candy. The top is so tiny no one can see it, don’t stress, just go….

5. Continue filling the triangle diagonally….

So you are stitching the fill in a diagonal row.

6. At the bottom of the row continue up the next diagonal row!

7. Continue until finished!  It stitches out really fast!
That’s it for this week!  Back to what I love to do!!! How lucky can one be…..šŸ˜


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