Thinking Through Continuous Thread Path

It’s Tuesday! Time for another blog!

When I am custom quilting, I find great satisfaction in finding a way to stitch out my designs with no or few stops and starts.  I really think through how I can stitch things out in an order that catches all parts as I go, so that I do not have to stop and move to another spot.  It is impossible to completely eliminate stops and starts in custom quilting but with a little thinking, the number of stops and starts can be greatly reduced.

I will use this unit as an example….

Here is the order I stitched it out in….

1. I stitched in the ditch of the circle in the piecing.

2. I stitched a few stitched down the previous stitching and then echoed the stitching in the ditch of step one.

3. I again stitched on top of precious stitching to get to the Background between the spikes and I stitched the radiating lines.

4. After stitching the third ray, I was at the center, so without moving my ruler, I restricted the third ray so I was now at the outside.  By not moving my ruler and with stitch regulation you cannot tell it is stitched twice.

5. I continues with the rays till I got to the part where I marked the circle.  See last weeks Tuesday Tips for how I marked the circle that disappears under the piecing.

6. Using my curved ruler (this one is from Quilted Pinapple) I stitched on my mark for the circle, but just between the next two spikes.

7. Now, while I was there, I stitched the echo and the rays.

8. Then I stitched my snaking lines between the units, again while I was there, by stitching over a few stitches I had already stitched to get there.

9. Now I worked my way back to stitching rays by following a row of stitching.

10. When I was finished stitching all the rays I came back on the other side of the circle with loops….

Finished!  All in one pass!  

It is one of those things I call age myself with.  Sometimes as I quilt the first few units, a better way comes to me….it kind of evolves as I go…..

That’s it for today!  Back to my machine and another beautiful quilt!  Stay tuned….can’t wait to show you next weeks tip!!!


2 responses to “Thinking Through Continuous Thread Path

  1. Hi there,

    Just want to say thank you for these wonderful tutorials. I do not have a long arm but I love readying your tips. I quilt baby quilts and small charity quilts. Even though I do simple quilting with my domestic sewing machine, I really love other people’s exquisite work with long arms. It is fascinating and I appreciate learning how you do it. So, thank you very much for all your pictures and explanations. !!!

    Jean Stipelcovich IG Rescue South Texas Treasurer

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