Marking a Disappearing Circle

Its  Tuessay! Time for another blog!  Today I will show you how I marked the bottom part of this circle disappearing into the piecing.  There was no seam at the bottom, but I wanted the disappearing circle effect. For the top part of the double circle I used a curved ruler and stitched in thee ditch of the piecing and 3/8″ inside that.

So one of my favourite tools to the rescue!  

We do carry this item in our store.  I will be adding the link sometime today.

Here is what I did:

1. Put a pin in the end of the tool and pin to center of piecing.

2. Move the sliding gauge to match the part of the circle already made ( see introduction).

3. Using a water soluable pen mark the bottom part of the circle.

4. Using a curved ruler, I stitched the line I marked and again 3/8″ rom this mark.

Click on the blue link here for a video of how I used my curved ruler that was not quite the same curve to stitch this out!
That’s it for today!  Off to finish a beautiful quilt for Liz!  Only an hour left….then on to another amazing quilt!  How blessed I am to have work and have work I love!


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