Ghost Arrows!

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip! 

Today I will show you how I created my Ghost arrows!

For full details on this quilt check out my blog post by clicking here. 

There is an “arrow shape in the quilt that I used for my ghost shape to tie it all together. I am talking about the hot pink arrow in the photo below.

I placed a piece of paper over the piecing and traced off the design.  I then stacked it on top of a piece of card stock and cut the design out of card stock. The space was too big to just quilt the arrow, so I added a couple of lines inside the arrow, which I marked on the card stock .  Then I made a hole with a large pin, in the template so I could mark these lines.

Now I drew a center line down the section of the quilt I where I wanted the ghost triangles.  Now I simply placed the template on the line and traced around it.

After I marked out three this way I realized all I needed to mark was the corners with a single dot.

At the same time I marked where the design in the center of these arrows would be, but I did not get a picture….

Now I started stitching, but only down one side of the arrow.

After a bit I figured out how to stitch the whole thing continuously, but I did not get pictures so I will use diagrams for the rest.

Next stitch to lower point on left side of arrow.

Then fill in the center design….

Then stitch outside left side of arrow.

Continue stitching in this sequence.

The secret of ghost shapes is a contrasting fill around them.  I chose two fills….

I also used the ghost arrows to divide the fill in the white area…

That’s it!  Easy peasy!  Now back to my APQS Milli for a fun day of quilting…..


7 responses to “Ghost Arrows!

  1. Kathy, thanks for sharing. Love the designs and how you worked it out. I do a lot of sketching quilt designs and sometimes shapes work out and others take longer 🤔

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