My Modern Lakeshore Snowfall!

I finished quilting my version of the Quiltworx Pattern called Lakeshore Snowfall recently.  It even has the binding on, my least favourite job….:)

Note the fabric on the right side and bottom is a navy.  I am not a very good photographer, it appears anywhere from royal to black in these pictures….

I used a line of fabric from Tula Pink called Slow and Steady and added a solid white and a solid navy.  I altered how the pattern is put together.  I made half the star in pinks and blue, another quarter of the star in Greens and the last quarter I did not use.  Here is what the original looked like:

All this was inspired by a mini I made out of my head awhile back.  I liked it so much I wanted to do a larger version.

I started it at our stores combined Judy Niemeyer and Modern Quilting Retreat.  It was a perfect fit for both sides of the retreat!  I took all the pictures I have so of course there are none of me….

For the quilting, I wanted to add to the effect of the navy section cutting the large star in half, yet tie into the quilt so I traced off the shape of the pink arrow shown below…

….and used it to create ghost arrows….

The picture above also shows how I used quilting to make a star pop out of the navel in the middle of the large star.  I loved that effect!

I also used the arrow shape to divide the white background by simply adding ghost arrows to the end of the arrow in the piecing….

I used two fills, alternating them between my ghost arrow divisions. Both fills I learned from classes with Angela Walters.  

I used the same fill but without the pebbles in the navy star points, also alternating the two fills in the star points.

In the green star in the bottom corner I wanted yet another fill.  I was stumped for awhile so out came my plexiglass and dry erase markers and I started drawing.  I was listening to music and just let my mind go, and this is the result…

It was way too much fun!  There will be a Tuesday Tip on this!

A few more pictures….

And the back….

This was my warm up quilting after a recover break.  I promise I took stretch breaks.  It felt good to be back at it and my shoulder is holding out.  My depression is getting better every day.  After a lot of thought I have realized I was depressed for a lot longer than I realized, and it affected a lot of things in my life…

Thank you so much for your well wishes.

Truely loving what I do….


4 responses to “My Modern Lakeshore Snowfall!

  1. The quilting is absolutely awesome! Love the pictures of the navy quilting…so rich. I also suffer from depression. I’m finding it harder to deal with in the winter, but keep my eye on the spring so I can get outside. Just wanted you to know you’re not alone in the depression war. What did they do before today’s medicine? Take care. JoAnn from Pa.

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