How to Position a Stencil 

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip!

Today is a joint tip from my daughter Kathleen and I!  I am so lucky to share a passion for quilting with my amazing daughter!  And to work with her in our business!  If you are not familiar with her check out her website Kathleen Quilts.

So the other day I had marked a design with a stencil and missed where it needed to be horribly!  As well it moved when I marked so it was twisted and double marked in spots. Kathleen came into the room just after I marked it and showed me how she lines up the stencil.  

I was so impressed that I asked if I could show it on my Tuesday tips. It is so simple I had one of those why didn’t I think of that moments.  So here goes….

She uses ordinary sewing pins, stabed through the stencil into the quilt to hold  the stencil in place. This stencil needed to be lined up with a straight line of stitching.  She stabbed a pin in the corner of the stencil and then more pins down that edge, checking as she went to make sure the pin when down in the line of stitching.

Then she placed more pins on the other side and a few randomly in the middle of the stencil.

Now the stencil was lined up with my previous stitching and it was held firmly in place.

Next we took my “Pounce” marking pad and marked the design.  Where people often go wrong with this pad is the word pounce makes them think they need to pounce (bounce) the pad.  That makes a real mess and a cloud of chalk.  It should be used with a rubbing motion, gently across the stencil.  

Another thing some people do not understand about the “Pounce Pad,” is when it is new you will need to prime it.  I recommend going outside and pounding it on a sidewalk until the chalk is freely flowing through the fabric of the pad.  Once it is primed you will love it.  Each time I use it, with the lid still on, I tap it on something solid once to get chalk loaded, and then it is ready to use.

One of the reasons I like using the Pounce Pad for making is it has what they call mirical chalk.  Mirical chalk can be easily remeoved with a steam iron!  

When I was marking this quilt Kathleen told me she blows it off with her air compressor! It worked like a charm!  Hold the nozzle so it is parallel with the quilt surface so it blows it away and not into the quilt.  Then when she is finished she still runs a steam iron over it to remove the last traces of chalk! Here is the stitched design, chalk removed!

By the way this stencil is from Jodi Robinson called 3″ Woven Squares Stencil.

So easy!  Professional results!

Thank you for all the well wishes!  I am so happy to be back, and am being very careful not to over do, and am taking my stretch breaks! I also worked a short week last week.

So off I go to load a new quilt!  Loving what I do!


6 responses to “How to Position a Stencil 

  1. I have a problem with the chalk “bouncing” (disappearing) off of the quilt as I am quilting. Any suggestions to get the marks to stay until I want them to be removed? I’ve heard to use hairspray (cheap kind) but have not tried it yet. Do you have this problem? I, too, have had a problem with the stencil moving while marking, I will definitely try this. Thank you. Love your Tuesday post.

    • I find it does bounce some, but I can always still see the mark. I have also heard of hairspray, but personally I am leery of putting anything on customer Quilts. I have tried misting with water after I mark with the Pounce pad. It helped.

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