Roger’s Vintage Rose Quilt

I finished quilting this Vintage Rose quilt that my hubby Roger (Quilterguy) made.  

Vintage Rose is the new technique of the month that Quiltworx will be releasing in January 2017!  We are very honoured that Quiltworx will be featuring this version on one of the covers of the pattern! We are delivering it to them at Market in Houston this week so they can picture it!

The fabrics in this quilt are from Hoffman and are the Me And You Batics!

Our daughter Kathleen (Kathleen Quilts) and I both wanted to quilt this quilt.  In the end she did not have time to get it done, so we compromised!  She designed the quilting and I quilted her designs!  So it became a real family effort!  She was gone teaching most of the time I was quilting it, but she did take a few minutes to quilt the first day I worked on it…..

My favourite part if this quilt is the quilting inspired by the dark blue fabric! Here is a shot of the fabric.

We used this design in the white area…..

I also really like our ghost Flying geese and echoed triangles!

A few more pictures…

Watch for this pattern in January!  It is a winner!  And watch for classes at our store, Quilting From the Heart, and watch for kits at our store!  So much to be excited about!


3 responses to “Roger’s Vintage Rose Quilt

  1. Absolutely stunning quilt and your quilting is beyond stunning as well…WOW!!!

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