Stuff Happens!

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip.

Stuff happens!

It just does!

So last week I was quilting Roger’s (my hubby’s) quilt, rolled it up to the last pass……and….oh no!  There was a tear in the outer pieced border…..#%*>+¥!

How it got there I have no idea. Saving grace was two fold. One it was our quilt, not a customer quilt. Two it was a pieced border.
Now what?
I thought I would share how I fixed it as my tip this week.
1. Roger gets in the car and runs home for more fabric.
2. I start ripping back the quilting so I can get enough space to get at the offending piece and then I rip,it out.
3. I unrolled the quilt quite a ways so I had room to work on it.


4. I moved my machine in close to the frame and raised the frame (I have hydrolic lifts) so I could push my machine under the frame a bit.

5. I pinned the new piece in place and stitched it back on.

6. I used my sewing machine table as my ironing board and pressed it.

7. I rolled the quilt back up and requilted the area I had to rip.  One hour later and I was back to where I started and no one will ever know the difference!

Like I said stuff happens.  Rather than curling up in a ball in the corner and crying like I wanted to, I put my big girl panties on and dealt with it.  There is a fix for everything, you just need to think it through…..

So as much as I love what I do, like every job on earth, there are moments when it is not so fun……


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