Ghost Triangles 

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip. 

Today I will show you how I marked and stitched out these triangles that mirror the blue pieced triangles in the section just below it.

There will be a video link at the end.

I wanted to mirror the blue triangles but stood there a minute trying to figure out how.  Here is what I did….

1. Place a pin in the centre of the whole pie shaped section. Butt a ruler right up,to the pin.  This is going to be a pivot point for marking the design.

2. Hold the ruler in place with your thumb.

3. Mark each outer point from the blue triangles on the outside of the section, and the inside point of the blue triangles on the inside edge of the section, by lining up the ruler with the point and keeping it next to the pin with your thumb.

4. Now stitch a zig zag type line to connect the dots, which makes a series of triangles!

5. Now fill the outer side of these new triangles with 1/4″ straight line echos.

Easy peasy, but looks impressive!

Click here for the video!

That’s it for today!  Back to my quilting!  I am finishing one of my hubby’s quilts.  It is turning out great, watch for a blog on it soon!  Have I mentioned lately how much I love what I do?


8 responses to “Ghost Triangles 

  1. Cannot find the Heirloom pen you use–all the others I’ve used such as Frixion dry out fast
    Thank you

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