Keeping it square

It’s Tuesday!  Time for another tip….

When I started this series of blogs, I said some would be short.  Every time I start writing a short one, it turns out long.  But this time it is short.  Life got in the way this week, so I do not have much.  I hope all my Canadian followers had a great Thanksgiving weekend….

Today I want to talk about how to handle the end of a quilt.  I float my quilts.  I only do a full load if I have a real problem quilt.  I love floating–it’s another example of how time is money!  Anyway, I have, over time, decided that the bottom of a quilt is where floating can have issues.  Sometimes the quilt wants to work its way up in the centre when you get close to the bottom.  I have learned to put a few pins in to hold it in place.  It seems to me that this is only an issue just before the bottom of the quilt reaches the belly bar.

I have found pinning at this point keeps the quilt from working up in the centre.  An easy fix!

That’s it! Until my next blog, I will be quilting my heart out on my hubby’s quilt!


4 responses to “Keeping it square

  1. Since I use leader grips but float what I do is flip the top back over the frame, snug it up and put the leader grips on. Then when I pull the top down again it’s almost like rolling it or pinning it. I do this if it looks like a top may give me grief

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