Ardelle’s Speed Ripping

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip!  Today’s is short but very sweet!!!

I have only experienced someone who loved to seam rip once in my 49 years of sewing!  That was my own child.  I was teaching my oldest daughter (Katheen) how to sew something at 7 years of age (she had already been sewing for a couple of years). My youngest daughter, Vicki,  who was four at the time, wanted to sew so bad she kept bugging us.  Finally, Kathleen showed Vicki how to rip her mistake.  Vicki loved it, and for a long time she would come into the room and ask if we had anything she could rip! Like I said, she is the only person I ever met who liked to rip, and she outgrew it too!

But if you sew, or if you longarm you will need to rip, eventually…. Ripping quilting is obviously different than ripping a seam. It can be hard! I have gotten way too fast at this, which means I have ripped tooooooooo much! Here is my way….

1. If you can, leave a long tail.  If you can’t, rip one stitch at a time till you have a long tail.

2. Pull up,on the tail quite hard till you have some bobbin stitches showing.  Don’t pull so hard you break the thread.

3. Put your seam ripper under the bobbin stitches and cut.

4. Pull hard again and repeat the process.

Click here for a video on the process.
Bonus tip…

Cleaning up ripping can be a challenge.  Lots of little threads.  I like to use a white art eraser.  I kept the little box mine came in, and I velcro-attached it to my machine so it is always close by (’cause time is money)…

Now just rub the eraser across the ripped area, and it picks up all the threads! Don’t forget to do the same to the quilt back!

Bonus tip number two!

Feel the need to get rid of the needle holes?  Spritz with water and rub with your fingernail and they will disappear.  They will also disappear eventually on their own, but most of the time I help them along….

Even just spritz in starts to close the holes.

This photo shows after I rubbed the holes.
That’s it for today!  Back to quilting Glenna’s quilt!  Lucky me! 😍


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