On Marking Again!

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip!

Apparently I have a fascination about marking!  Many a post is on how I mark.  That is likely not so much that I mark a lot, but more that when I do I do it efficiently…..

Once again, I am using a tool from my garment-sewing days.  It is a buttonhole spacer, and it is the best tool! Today I am going to use it to space some gentle curves along with my Quilted Pineapple no. 20 curved ruler.

I was adding these rows of peoples and wanted a fast way to space them….

Here is what I did….

1. I used my buttonhole spacer to divide my spaced evenly into five sections.

2. I did this a number of times down the length of the piece.

3. Then I used my Quilted Pinapple no. 20 ruler to smoothly connect the dots.

That’s it!  Just need to stitch and remove the water soluable pen marks. Easy peasy! Here is a shot showing several of these areas….

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