Spacing Circles in a Border

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip! Today I will once again be working with my Inside Circle ruler from Gadget Girls.  This time I will show you how to cheat with spacing to get the circles to land perfectly in a corner.  A little different than the approach I used in my Last tip on this ruler.

So when I was using this ruler a bit a go I realized the size I was using was one inch. One inch across a 60″ long border. It hit me that if I moved the ruler by one stitch for several circles I could end up with a whole circle perfection the corner.  And by moving one stitch no one will notice, unless they really look close. Let me show you….

1. I used my favourite straight ruler from The Quilted Pinapple, I marked one inch increments for the 12″ before the corner. A little hard to see in the picture but they are there….I choose 12″ so I would have room to make my adjustments well before the corner.

2. When I am quilting the circles, and I get close to the first mark, if I am a little short of the mark, I take one extra stitch between the circles.  One stitch cannot be seen without really looking for it, but soon adds up enough to make the circles in the right spot! 

3. Or if you are a little past the mark when you get to it, take one stitch backwards, the circles will overlap a little.

4. Continue adjusting the spacing until your circles hit the mark.  Finish stitching to the corner.

5. Perfect corner! 😍

Sometimes it takes just a little thinking and manovering to make things work. I love cheating!  In my quilting that is! LOL!

I am so lucky to make a living doing what I love! Later my quilting friends!  

One response to “Spacing Circles in a Border

  1. Thanks for your tips! I’m enjoying them. Please let Roger know that my order has arrived. Thanks for all you do!

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