Swirl and Fire Motif

It’s Tuesday and I am back!  As well as having trouble with my blog storage, I think I needed a little rest….

So when I started shooting videos I did not think and loaded them directly onto my blog.  That was my problem, they took up a lot of space.  So we deleated them and I am good to go!  My daughter said by the time I use up all this storage I should be famous and be able to afford the upgraded plan! LOL…..well I can always dream…..

Today I am excited to share a new design I have been playing with. It is a combo of my Fire Like Feathers and a simple swirl. Here is a picture from the quilt I just finished.

It is easy to stitch and fills a variety of spaces!  Here is a series of step by step drawings, but I quilt better than I draw, especially better than I draw electronically…..

1. Make a swirl.

2. Make a fire like feather.

3. Make a second fire like feather.

4. Make a swirl in the opposite direction of the first swirl.

5. Make a fire like feather.

6. Make another fire like feather.

6. Continue the pattern alternating the direction of the swirls and fire like feathers….

 I made another video!  I show several spaces I use this motif.  Click here for the link.

That is it for today!  Till next week You can find me quilting a different for me kind of quilt and having fun with it!  Love what I do!

PS! I am teaching a class on my Tuesday Tips at Sparrow Studioz on October 15 and again October 22.  Check out Sparrow Studioz website for more details!


One response to “Swirl and Fire Motif

  1. Thanks for sharing the video on Youtube. Very cool design. I too quilt the ‘fire feather’, but I have always just called them blunt ended feathers, your name is far more exciting! They make great funky feathers when combined with other types of feathers when I have a quirky chicken quilt on the machine.

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