Triangle Tornado Design

It’s Tuesday!  Time for another tip! 

I was quilting on Saturday and meant to quilt a design I usually use in this triangle space and instead this came out….

I stood there a moment and thought that was not what I was going to do, but I love it! Does that ever happen to you?! I love it when my sub conscious comes out and produces something new!  I think Imwill call it Triangle Tornado!

So here is a quick tutorial on how to stitch Tiangle Tornadoes and how to stitch it continuously….

1. Start in the middle of the triangle base.

2. Make a swirl.

3. Echo 4 times.

4. Make an s curve or as I like to call it a lightening bolt right into the tip of the triangle shape.

5. Grad a short ruler and ditch your way back to the next triangle.

6. Repeat!  

So easy, so fast, no marking, so fun!

I made a video!  Click here for the link.

That’s it.  Now back to my job!!!  A longarm friend popped in on Saturday and looked at what I was  doing and comented “I am so glad you love doing this kind of quilting cause I don’t!”  I had a good laugh!  And It’s true!  I love what I do…..


3 responses to “Triangle Tornado Design

  1. great design Ardelle, thanks for sharing. I, too, often have a design in mind but it becomes something different when the quilting happens.

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