Marylynn’s Quilt

Earlier today I finished quilting this beautiful machine embroidery quilt made by Marylynn Lorenson!

Marylynn made this quilt for a wedding gift for her grandson! What a heirloom!!! Since it is for a wedding gift she asked for a few hearts, so I incorporated them into the border.

I used some circles in the wide brown borders and sashing.

I knew I needed to put some Quilting into the embroidered blocks to keep them flat, but did not want to take away from the embroidery.  I thought about feathers around the blocks, but in the end I decided crosshatching in invisible thread suited them best.

I wanted to draw attention to the centre embroidery and make it special, so I did add feathers and more circles to it.

Here is a closer picture of the whole quilt….

Love the texture on the back….

This was a fun quilt to work on!  And tomorrow I get to start another beautiful quilt!  And Marylynn gets to start binding.  Glad our roles are not reversed! I love my job!!!!


3 responses to “Marylynn’s Quilt

  1. really beautiful! Quilts with embroidery can be tricky to quilt, I love to do cross hatching with a fine thread just like you have done, although some clients don’t like this. It looks like a big quilt. How you quilted the central block is fabulous!

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