Marking an Undulating Spine

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip!  Today I am going to share a trick I use to draw a undulating spine for feathers.

Here is a picture of the finished feather border….

The only part of this that I marked was the spine.  I wanted the spine to have evenly spaced and gently flowing curves without a lot of work to mark it.  So, an old trick of mine, my canning lids to the rescue!  They are round which helps me draw curves and they help me place the curves right where a want them! Here is what I do…

1. I place the lids on the quilt so every other one is half off the top edge of the border and the others are half off the bottom edge of the border.

2. Move them till the look evenly spaced.  I do not take the time to measure, I just eyeball it!

3. With my air soluble marker I now draw between the lids to form an undulating spine!  So easy….

Now it is all ready to add my feathers!

That’s it!  Short and sweet!  Now back to finish this quilt!  Will be done today! Then I get to start another great quilt!  How lucky can I be?!  Did I mention lately how much I love what I do?…..


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