Perfect Small Circles and Removing Marking Pencil

It’s Tuesday!  Time for another tip….or two….

On a recent Instagram post, Andrea of Urban Quiltworks asked how I got my circles in the following photo so even….

So Andrea, here is my answer, and you are going to groan cause it is too easy…..

So I do not have step by step photos this time because my video does it better.  Watch the video and then come back cause I have a second tip! Here is the link!

I also thought I would share with you how I remove the white marking pencil marks used here.

There is an amazing product called Sew Clean!  Yes, we carry it in our store! It is not on our web page, but phone the store and we would be glad to send it to you. Toll free 877-679-5492. It has taken out any marking pencil I have tried!  I also keep a bottle in my laundry room as it also takes out stains from grass, lipstick, blood, ball point pen, crayon, oil, rust, coffee chewing gum and a whole lot more (quoted from the label and known from experience)!

I find the best way to use it is on a slightly damp sponge.  I use a spray bottle to squirt a couple of squirts of water on the sponge, squeeze the sponge to distribute water and then one squirt of Sew Clean.  Now I rub the sponge on the quilt to remove the marking pencil line.  So easy….

All gone!  

Did you watch the video?  Easy eh?!

Well back to my longarm!  Working on another deadline, good think I love my job…..


7 responses to “Perfect Small Circles and Removing Marking Pencil

  1. Hi ! Great tip ! Thanks!! However I also have a APQS and there is an annoying little weld at the back of my hopping foot which means that if I tried to do those circles, they would be ever so slighly not circles!! I would love to know what to do about it. Any suggestions???

    • No, I do not use a special ruler foot. Just the foot it came with. I have two APQS Milli’s , a new one and one 7 years old and neither have the weld…..a good question for APQS.

  2. Hi Ardelle, I found your blog last week when I was searching for ideas to organize pantographs. I am a beginner, just got my Millie two weeks ago, and I subscribed right away. You are doing wonderful work, thanks for taking the time to share all this with us!

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