Using Fabric as Quilting Inspiration

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip!  Today I am going to show you how I used fabric as my inspiration for the quilting design I used. Here is a photo of the fabric and the space the design will go into…

When planning the quilting that would go into this area, I realized that any design I auditioned competed with the fabric.  So I stared by using the shape in the fabric and followed it with my quilting.  I used a curved ruler that was close to the same shape to help keep the quilting steady.

I simply followed the line in the print, outlining that shape.

Then I filled the centre in with gently curved lines. 

Here is a shot of the whole thing….

I shot a video of this.  Here is the link.

That is it for today.  Now back to quilting this quilt for my customer Anne Hall.  And later this week I am off to Sparrow Studioz to learn more about the computer system I have on my other Longarm!  Going to be another great week!


7 responses to “Using Fabric as Quilting Inspiration

    • I have many brands of curved templates. In this case the best fit was one by The Quilted Pinnapple. But I also have Quilters Apcothary, Quilters Rule, Delola (sp) Jones, Gadget girls and Pro Line by Lisa Cale.

      • Hi Adele – I have been unsuccessful contacting you through your ‘booking’ contact so I thought I would try this. We emailed early June and you were out of town. You said when you returned you would put my two Glacier Stars on your waiting list. Just want to confirm I’m on the list. I am happy to wait!! Thanks! Claudia Owens

      • Sorry Claudua, I was also away when you send the message in booking, and forgot to respond when I got home. Yes you are on my list! I did put you on when I got home in June. It appears like my list is about a year long, but it is impossible to tell for sure. I will contact you when it is time to send your quilt tops. Thank you for your bookings!

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