White Boards, Dry Erase Markers and Plexiglass

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip.  Today a bit about how I plan and keep track of quilting designs and save time doing that….

I have mentioned many times that my favorite tool in my Longarm room is my Plexiglass!  I mention it again today because I cannot over state how important this tool is in my planning process! I also have a few new things I am doing…

I lay the plexiglass on top of the quilt and start drawing ideas.  

You will notice blue masking tape on the edges.  This is so I do not accidentally draw off the plexiglass onto the quilt. I use dray erase markers.  Some others I know use water soluable white board markers as they think dry erase markers are too messy.  I find the opposite to be to be true.  I guess it is a matter of personal choice.

Recently I started using Neon Dry erase markers, after my daughter, Kathleen (known as Kathleen Quilts) recommended them.  I love how much easier I can see the lines these neon markers make!

Sometimes they are harder to erase, so I use Expo White Boars Care Wipes.

I have four plexiglass boards. And sometimes I wish I had more.  I draw the different designs I use in different areas of the quilt on the boards and do not erase them until the quilt is done.  This way I can refer back to them rather than rolling the quilt back to see what I did earlier in the quilt. But what to do wi them all?! I do not want the designs getting smuggled or rubbing off on the back of another board.  So I found this Rubbermaid rack for organizing cookie sheets!  It works perfect!

I also have a large white board mounted on the wall behind my Longarm.  On the plexiglass I draw the designs to life size.  On the white board, I draw parts of these designs and add measurements, or other notes, not necessarily to scale or very accurately, just a quick sketch to record measurements and ideas. Again I do this to avoid taking time to roll the quilt back to check what I was doing.

It might seem like it is no big deal to roll the quilt back to see what I was  doing.  However I feel it only takes me a few moments to draw out a design on my white board, much less time than it takes to roll back the quilt and re-measure several times during my quilting process…..and time is money…..

Speaking of time, best get back to my machine!  I have not been sharing what I am working on, but I will eventually.  I can say I am thrilled with it and having far too much fun!!!!!


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