Organizing Class Handouts

It’s Tuesday!  Time for another tip! Today I will talk about some of the organization I did when I moved into my new Studio in January.

I have taken a lot of Longarm classes as I mentioned in my blog Something Valuable to Offer.  I love taking classes! In most of the classes I have taken I relieved a wonderful set of handouts.  My collection of these was getting large, and in my old studio I had nowhere to keep them. So after some thought about the best thing to do, I decided to set aside a drawer of my new to me filing cabinet.

We have a personal comb style binding system that my hubby got when our girls were in high school and doing lots of reports.  So I dug it out and put clear covers and binging on all my handouts! 

I labeled all the spines and arranged them alphabetically.

Now when I need to find an idea from one of these great resources, I can actually find the handout!  Not only can I find it, it takes only seconds! And that matters, cause time is money….

The next great thing I did was get a little book stand for my slot wall that is right behind me as I work.  Now I can get one of these handouts and put it on the stand where it is nice and close for quick reference.

I find that sometimes spending a little time organizing things, saves a lot of time later, and time is money….

That is it for today. Back to my machine I go, to work in a very special quilt….having way to much fun….


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