Marking Double Triangles in  Points of New York Beauty Units

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip!  This is a simple but effective design to stitch out in the points of New York Beauty Units! It took some figuring on how to mark it, so I thought I would show how I marked and stitched it. There will be a YouTube video link. The green spikes in the photo below are the part of the design this blog is about.

The design is nothing real original. The figuring was how to make the double triangle fan out to fit the radiating points. Here is how I proceeded….

1. First I used the Clover 5 in one Sewing Gage. It is designed to have 5 purposes, here I am using the protractor part. I figured out the height I wanted for  the tall triangle and the short triangle.  Then, with a water soluable marker, I drew arcs at both these heights.

2. Now I used a ruler to mark the centre of these points by lining up the ruler with the points at one end and the block corner at the other end. Mark all the points.

3. Now in a similar manner mark between the points.

4. Now it’s time to quilt the design out! The first and last points have the corner overlapped by e next block so I guessed where to start stitching.  It is a little higher than the corner.  Stitch to the tall point marking.

Then stitch down to the marked spot between the points. Continue accross all the points.

5.  Now stitch back accross the block connecting the low triangle points and the same spot between the points.

Here is the link to my YouTube video on this:

That’s it! Double triangles fanned to match the angles of the points.  Fast, easy and effective….

Bye for now, off to quilt a very special quilt! Too excited….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love what I do!!!


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