A Great App for Planning Quilting

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip!  

I get asked over and over how I figure out how to quilt a quilt. It is not an easy answer.  Most of the time It just comes to me what to do.  Then other times I really struggle.  And still other times I use a few tools to figure it out.  

Today I will show you an app I sometimes use to help me.  It is called You Doodle.  I took a screen shot of the App Store after I searched for You doodle.  It is the one on the top row on the left.

I load a picture of the quilt on the app and then I can draw on the photo!  So I just start drawing out ideas and I take screen shots to save all ideas.  Then I go back and look at the screen shots and see what I like.  There is a function to send things but I find screen shots faster.I often then go back in and edit and combine the best ideas.  Then when I get to the machine I have a plan.

Today my friend Audrey asked me for some ideas on how to quilt her wallhanging called “One,” from a pattern by Quiltworx.  Let me show you how I used the app to send her some ideas.

First I need to add the photo.  Click on the plus sign in the top right corner and the following photo shows the screen that comes up.

Click on draw on a photo and the load Photo screen will come up.

Click on camera roll and then on the appropriate picture. The crop function automatically comes up. Use this function to isolate your photo and then click on done.

In the photo below notice the red arrow I drew in. It is pointing to the draw function. 

Click on the draw function button and you will get the screen below.  I use this screen to edit the line to a colour the app will show on the quilt what you draw.You can also change the size on the line it draws.  I like a fine line if I am drawing dense detail and a slightly courser line for more general ideas.

On the photo below you will see another red arrow I drew. It points to the redo and undo buttons! These I use a lot!

You can make the image larger by pinching two figures together, setting them on the screen and then spreading them apart.

So what ideas did I come up with?  I wanted to keep it simple as Audrey will be quilting it on a domestic machine and has not quilted a lot of quilts, yet…. 

So first some straight line with a little direction change.  I always like to add contrast even in simple quilting. Changing direction of lines adds contrast.

How about straight lines on one side and a curve that matches the edge of the leaf on the other side?

Or how about curved lines on both sides?

Maybe not….

How about straight lines on one side and curvy lines going the other direction on the other side? These could be done free motion, or by wiggling the quilt as you stitch, or some machines have this as a decorative stitch.

For the idea below, start with a line in the center, in opposite corners make right angles. In the other corners radiating lines…

How about the leaf itself?

How about some zig-zaggy lines?

And then fill in the smaller part with a simple echo to create contrast….

Sometimes when I do this I get so many ideas I wish I could quilt several of the same quilt so I could use all the ideas!  You see, I really do love what I do….


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