Marking Templates Save Time and Add Accuracy

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip! I am quilting a Glacier Star quilt for Jennifer Ebank right now.  I decided to make a template for marking the straight line border I was quilting.  I am so glad I did this!  It took about 15 minutes to make, but then the increments for the markings were even and perfect.  As well marking the borders was now very fast.  And best of all I have the template ready next time I want to use this border on a Glacier Star.  I quilt a lot of these, so I will use it again….

I used a roll of paper I got from our local medical clinic.  It is the stuff they use to cover the exam tables.  I do not know if all clinics sell it, but ours does!  I paid $10 for the roll and it has lasted me years!  I can see through it, but it is strong enough that it does not tear when I draw on it.

Here is what I did…

1. I layed he paper out over the quilt (which was already loaded on the frame). I traced the border shape on my paper and cut out the shape of the border. After I was working with it for awhile I realized I would have only had to do a little more than half the length of the border…

2. I had sketched out the basic idea on my plexiglass.  I placed this close to my template for reference.

3. I marked a line perpendicular to the edge at the widest and narrowest points of the border.

4. I used my buttonhole spacer to mark even increments on both edge of the border. Make sure you use the same number of marks on each side.

5. Where the edge is curved, I stood the gauge up on end so I could gently bend it to match the curve.

6.  On the fullest part of the curve, I marked a right angle with my square ruler.  Then I marked increments in the full side and drew all lines to the same point at the corner of the right angle.

7. Now I pin the completed template onto the quilt, and use it as a guide to mark the increments onto the quilt.


That’s it!  Till next week, you will find me getting ready for and enjoying our 16th annual Spring Retreat!


2 responses to “Marking Templates Save Time and Add Accuracy

  1. Great idea Ardelle
    Do you sell the button hole marker in your shop? I have seen them used a few times in relation to quilting and have not been able to find them in the local sewing shop
    Thanks Sandy

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