Fire Like Feathers

It’s Tuesday!  Time for another tip!  Today I will show you my Fire Like Feathers!

These feathers on this unit came about after an offhand comment my daughter Kathleen made. It was kinda an inside joke, but it got my mind going in a different direction.  Love those moments….

Anyways, there is a video, but first here are some sketches to show how I did this.

It starts with a shape that My daughter Kathleen uses a lot that she called her Magic Shape. She adds feathers to her shape, I added my fire feathers!

I decided to draw rather than take pictures. Might have been a mistake, my quilting is always better than my drawing….and these drawings are with an app on my I-Pad called You Doodle, that uses my finger to draw, so not the prettiest, but you will get the idea…

1. Draw the Magic shape.

2. Add fire like feathers along one side.

3. When yo reach the top of the magic shape, draw a spine to the top of the triangle and add a fire like feather at the top, then backtrack to the top of the shape.

4. Fill in fire like feathers as needed on this first side.

5. Echo the magic shape back down to the base on the opposite side of the fire like feathers you just made.

6. Now more fire like feathers up the other side.

7. And finally echo back down the first side of the magic shape! 

This design stitched out fast! And I loved it!

Here is the video link:

Now back to my quilting! Can’t wait! Lov’n what I do….


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