Birthe’s Feathered Star

Just finished quilting this Feathered Star for Birthe Skoberg! Pattern designed by Judy and Brad Niemeyer of Quiltworx. Pictures taken beside Camrose United Church.

Birthe did a fabulous job of piecing this quilt, making my job easier!  I also really like her colours! 

Birthe asked for medium density quilting. I was afraid that if I quilted in all the feather points like I usually do, the quilting would become dense.  Instead I did something I have never done, I quilted a design over entire sections, and I love it! I called it my Fire Like Feathers. The Challange was choosing a thread colour.  I choose a creamy colour with a hint of green, a Bottom Line thread from Superior Thread, colour 617.This is the third quilt in a row I used the same colour.  Kathleen (my daughter) is calling it my magic colour! I did a tutorial on Fire Like Feathers today in my Tuesday Tips.

Between the star points I did a combination of curved cross hatch and rays.  The marking of these Rays will be a future Tuesday Tip.

Notice the border in the pictures above.  I incorporated the Fire like Feathers to create unity.

In the very center more Curved cross hatch.

I do not know how many of these Feathered Stars I have quilted, and all are different!  I love that challange of finding different ideas for each one! See much fun…..


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