Birthe’s Christmas Celebration Tablecloth

I finished quilting this tablecloth for Birthe Skoberg! The pattern is called Christmas Cellebration and is designed by Judy and Brad Niemeyer of Quiltworx.  

I hear myself saying over and over that “I had so much fun quilting this one!”  But once again, I had so much fun quilting this one!!!! I am loving quilting in my new space, and loving having my daughter Kathleen (also known as Kathleen Quilts) in the same building!  She comes into the Longarm room frequently and we toss ideas back and forth.  I love those discussions, and think two heads are better than one…

Back to this quilt.  Birthe is using it on a small decorator table and wants it to drape nicely, so the quilting is a medium density. 

I really like the curved cross hatching between the star points.  I like the illusion vets of another row of points! 

A few more pictures…

And a picture of the back….

That’s it!  Having too much fun, doing what I love to do….


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