How to Repair Batting

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip! Today is a quick tip on batting repair!

It happens……batting is fragile until quilted.  Last week it happened to us. A chunk of batting had to be cut away on the bottom edge, and then was one inch too short…..

Here is how we handled it…..

1. Place a piece of batting under the original batting.

2. Mark new batting along the edge of the original batting.

3. Cut batting on the marked line. This makes the new batting the same shape as the batting we are repairing.

4. Line up the new batting with the original batting.  I roll the take up bar till the section I am repairing is sitting right on the bar.  Now I can pin right to the bar to keep batting in place if I need to. This was a small price of batting so it stayed put without pinning.

5. Now I cut strips of lightweight fusible interfacing in 2″ strips.  These is pre-cut interfacing for joining batting, but I prefer to cut my own.  Why? It is cheaper, takes only minutes and I find the pre-cut stuff wants to curl up. I cut up a meter at a time so it is ready when I need it.  I usually do not use the stuff with the grid printed on it but last time I cut some up we were out of the plain stuff….

5. Plug in your iron.

6. Place a strip of interfacing over the edge of batting you are joining. Make sure you have the glue side next to the batting!

7. Press the interfacing, using the rail as your pressing board!

8. Sometimes I get a gap between the batting pieces.  I do not like that, so I peal back the interfacing and try again….

That looks better!  Now I continue quilting….

And now I will continue quilting! I have an hour tops and the quilt I am working on will be finished! So excitting! Love what I do….


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