A Couple of Loading Tips

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip!  Today I am a little swamped, so it is a very quick simple,tip.

Several Quilter’s who have visited me lately have commented on a couple of things I do when I load.  Apparently not everyone does these things!  Who knew…..

The 1st of these things is so simple!  I use my channel locks to stitch a straight line through my backing and batting before I load the top.  Then I have a line that is square with my frame to line the top up with. 

 So simple, but something I never skip. Keeping the quilt square with the frame solves a number of problems.
The next thing both my daughter, Kathleen Quilts, and I do in loading that is different, is we stitch a wave line on the edge of the quilt rather than a straight line.  Why?  Two reasons.  First it keep the edge from folding back when you stitch off the edge and then back again.  Second, it helps to ease in a little fullness. To do this simply wiggle your machine as you stitch. I like to do this in manual mode, Kathleen used stitch regulated…. 


Here is a little video on this wiggle stitch…

That’s it!  Now off to quilt this beautiful quilt…..loving what I do…


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