Kate’s Amazon Star

I finished quilting this Amazon Star (pattern by Judy and Brad Niemeyer of Quiltworx) for my customer Kate Hurlburt. I love the colours she choose! 


One of the things I love about having our two stores together is now my daughter Kathleen (also known as Kathleen Quilts on social media) is in the same building!  When I was starting this quilt Kathleen came into the Longarm room and asked what I was doing on it.  I showed her my plan and we got caught up in “oh, and you could do”… It was so fun bouncing ideas back and forth!  So the ideas on this quilt are a collaboration from both of us.

It all started with my idea to stitch a ribbon that wove through the star points.  I did a tutorial on this here. Below is a picture of part of the quilt so you can see the effect of the ribbon weaving through the points. I love it…..

Kathleen taught me a design that I used in the diamonds of the Lonestar part.  It was fun to do and really brings out the Lonestar!

And I really like the center…. 

Another shot….  

 The back… 
I could not stop looking at it when I finished. I was very happy…I hope Kate is just as happy…

That thrill when I see a finished quilt is part of why I love what I do….


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