Ribbon Woven Around a Star

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip!  This week as promised I am showing how to stitch out the design I have named Ribbon Woven Around a Star..  It weaves its way around this star, over some points and under others.  Last week I showed  how I marked the design. Here is the design…. 

 Notice I used different fill designs above the ribbon and below it. I did that to achieve contrast.  I used the same designs in the longer star points.  I like to use designs several places in a quilt to help unify the quilting.  I did however change the order they are placed in to create more contrast.

The entire design was stitched with only one start and one stop, just the way I like to work a design out….

Once again I am using rulers from The Quilted Pinnapple. No, I am not affiliated in any way with Linda, I just love her rulers! And no, we do not carry her rulers in our store at this time.  If you want to buy them the best way is to order them direct.  The blue words in this paragraph are a link to her store, just click on the blue words.

Here is how I proceeded. Once again there will also be a video.

1. Start at the point shown below. 

2. I used the size 20 curved rulers from The Quilted Pinnaple to stitch to the point market at the top. 

3. Stitch from here to the point shown below. Notice how I am using the other side of the ruler, that is so I am able to hold it in my left hand leaving my right hand free to guide my machine..

4. Stitch down the ditch 1/2″, and now use the ruler to echo the curve 1/2″ from the first curve. 

5. Continue stitching 1/2″ echoes until you have four curved lines. These lines all extend to the top of the arc on the left.

6. Use the ruler to follow the arc back to the top point and down the right side for 1/2″.

7. Now stitch arcs 1/2″ apart until you have four on the left side.  These will cross the arcs made in the above steps at the top. 

8. Use the same ruler to backtrack to the center. 

9. Now I switched to The Quilted Pinapple’s straight 12″ ruler. I used it to stitch out straight lines 1/4″ apart. I love these rulers too! One can never have too many marks on a ruler, and I love that there are 3 sizes!  I use all three equally! 

I like to start these lines in the centre so that the centre line is precisely in the top point.  When I get to the right edge, I use the ruler to ditch around the edge till I am ready to stitch the left half.

10. I then ditched up to the other side of the ribbon and filled the top with swirls. 

All of the elements used in this design are easy to stitch, but put together they look harder than they really are! Here is a picture of several put together… 


A note about the videos.  First, there are two as I knew it would be a long video and I did not want trouble with loading on my rural Internet. Second, at the end of the first video, I discovered a mistakenness my stitching.  I choose not to retake the video, as we all make mistakes and I wanted to use it as a teaching tool.

Another note about videos. I discovered when I tryed to load them that I have used all the space this site will allow me to use for videos of the year….so plan B!  Imhave started a YouTube account and loaded them there.  So the first video can be found here. And the second video can be found here.

Well that was a long one!  Till next week I will be busy finishing a gorgeous Amazon Star, the this blog is about! Still loving what I do….

2 responses to “Ribbon Woven Around a Star

  1. I always look forward to “Tuesday Tips” but have been disappointed that the video tutorial at the end of your previous posts just would not load. However, today was a breeze via Youtube!!
    Thank You for being an inspiration!

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