How to Mark the Center of an Angle


It’s Tuesday! Time for another of my tips!  Today I will talk about how I marked placement lines for the design shown below. Next week I will talk about how I stitched it.

Notice that the triangle on the left is different than the triangle on the right.  On the first one of these units I stitched, I started by marking 5″ down from the top edge on both sides.  I stitched out the arcs and realized something was wrong.  It looked really off kilter!  

Kathleen (my daughter also known as Kathleen Quilts) came into my studio right at that moment.  The two of us came up,with a plan on how to mark placement lines that would look square with the world.  Here is how….

1.  Put a marker  in an ordinary geometry compass. I used a water soluable marker here.Place the point of the compass in the point of the bottom angle. Draw an arc.  It does not matter what size the arc is.

2.  Move the compass point to one side of where the 1st arc meets the edge. Mark a partial arc near the centre. 

3. From the other side mark another partial arc that crosses the last one.  This must be the same size as the partial arc from step 2.

4. Next draw a line from the bottom point of the triangle, through the centre of the X marked in the steps above. Extend this line right to the top. I missed the photo of this step.
5.  I marked a start point, 5″ down from the top edge on the longer triangle. I used an air soluable marker.  Mostly because my water soluable marker was in my compass and I did not want to take it out….:)

6. Next line up a vertical mark on your ruler with the centre mark, level with the mark 5″ from the top and draw a line accross the triangle .

You now have all the markings you need.  Here is a video of these steps… 

Stay tuned, next week I will show you how I stitched out the design.

Meanwhile I will be busy quilting this gorgeous Amazon Star made by Kate Hurlbert! It will be a great week! I love my job!!!


3 responses to “How to Mark the Center of an Angle

  1. Great video and it all makes sense when you showed where the 5 inch mark would be on the second side.

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