Illusion of Wedding Rings

It’s Tuesday!  Time for another tip! As promised, today’s tip is on some ruler work I did recently.  I think the secondary design it produces gives the illusion of double wedding ring…. 

I am using a ruler from The Quilted Pineapple, called The QP Curved Template number 20. 

I love that I can stitch on either side of this ruler and get the same curve!

Here is what I did…

1.  As shown in the picture below, I lined up the ruler with the corners of the block and the ruler oriented so the inside of the curve is next to the ruler. As you can see, by lining up the ruler this way, any  appliqué not enclosed in the curve sticks out past the ruler.  Now as I stitch, when I get to the appliqué, I can ditch around the appliqué without moving the ruler! The ruler I previously used for this I had to either tie off, or move the ruler.  


Don’t forget to leave a 1/4″ from the corner to accommodate your hopping foot.
 2. Start stitching at one corner, following the ruler until you get to the first bit of appliqué that sticks out past the ruler. 
3. When you get to the appliqué simply stitch around it as close to the appliqué as you can, till you get back to the ruler. Continue stitching along the ruler.  I forgot to take a picture for this step, so this picture was posed after the stitching was done.

4.  Stitch all four sides of the block.  Then stitch around the block again, 1/2″ from first row of stitching. The 1/2″ echoed lines gives a nice break between the different fills.

5.  Without tying off, next I stitched a feather fill on the outside of the block, stitching this fill continuously on all four sides.

6. Again, without tying off, I stitched down the  ditch to the inside of arcs, and stitched the filł design around the appliqué. I choose a fill that contrasts  with the feather fill. 

That is it, the whole block without a tie off.

Here is a video on the entire sequence, I even got brave enough to talk this time…

I quilted this same quilt for myself a few years ago.  Do you ever wish you could redo something? Here is my version… 

I think the ruler work frames the appliqué and makes the quilt so much more interesting!

Well that’s it for this week.  Back to my Longarm I go! Lucky me…..


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    • Valerie,

      In the blog where it says The Quilted Pineapple in blue text, clock on the blue text and it will link you to The Quilted Pineapple’s store where you can order it.

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