Ruler Control

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip! Today is a short tip about rulers.

I love ruler work.  I love the look it gives my quilting.  The precise nature gives a very professional appearance. Even a little ruler work added in to other quilting, really makes a statement. Here is a photo of just a little ruler work and lots of fill work. 

 Next week I will be talking in depth about how I stitched  this one out. Yup, just a little teaser….

It can be a little learning curve using rulers.  For me the biggest issue was control.  Which brings me to the point of this tip.

I use these ruler grips called True Grips., on the bottom of my rulers. (Yes, we carry them in our store.)They give me great control of the ruler without using a death grip, and are so small I can still see through the ruler where I need to.   I can still easily move the ruler when I need to.  And the adhesive sticks very well, yet I can get them off if I need to.

They come on a sheet, just peel of how many you want and stick them on the back of the ruler. 

I like to place them close enough that there is one under my hand no matter where I place my hand on the ruler.  I also think about where to place them so they do not obstruct my view of crucial markings on the ruler. 

That’s it! Stay tuned next week for a tutorial of the quilting on the 1st picture of this blog….


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