Stitching Order Saves Time…

It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip!  Today is a quick tip on being efficient…….again…..

I recently quilted a quilt with this border…  

Note the red arrow.  This space was quilted in black thread and surrounded on the right by a coloured thread.  Rather than tying off for each of these spaces, I quilted them as I stitched out the straight lines on the left side of the border.

1.  I used a ruler from Lisa Calle to stitch out the straight line border.  I love this ruler for it’s speed and accuracy. 

2. Stitch the straight line border till you come up beside the little space between the curved design. Stop on the side next to that little space we need to quilt. 

3. In this case, to stop in the right spot, I was slightly past the top of the area I need to fill, so I backtracked a little. 

4. Next I stitched my fill design. 

5. Now I need to stitch in the ditch back to where I left off with the straight line stitching. 

6. Repeat!

Here is a little video of the process… 

Taking a little time to plan out your stitching order before you start can save you a lot of time, and time is money….

Speaking of time saved, we have a new internet provider! I am so happy. This blog only took me twenty minutes to write! The last one I did before the new internet took me four hours….

Till next week, I will be busy quilting my heart out!  So blessed to be able to do what I love….


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