Straight Line Quilting on Blocks

It’s Tuesday!  Time for my tip! Today I am going to show you some ideas for using straight line quilting, specifically on quilt blocks.

I recently quilting a quilt with Graffitti Quiltng in the negative space.  I decided to do straight line quilting on the blocks in the quilt to create contrast in texture against the graffiti quilting.

The first few blocks I quilted pretty much with straight lines…


Then I got bored…and got more creative…

I quilted some of the straight lines into lines with one 90 degree angle…  
 And some of the lines going a different direction… 
Then I started adding diagonal lines…  
It was so fun and freeing to just let my mind go and come up with different ideas for the different blocks! 

A few hints:

– remember to keep your density similar on your blocks to keep the quilt flat.

-decide on a distance to use between the lines before you start and keep the same distance throughout.

-I used a ruler.  I found it easier to keep things straight and evenly spaced than freehand.

-I used invisible thread. If I had used matching thread it would have been a lot of thread changes.

-I used my plexiglass and dry erase markers on quite a few blocks to see how my idea would look before I stitched it out.

-I did not rip anything out! A few times I went eh, but in the grand scheme of things not all blocks can be stars, and time is money…
That is it!  Too much fun….


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